New and improved design

Posted by Benny Yander on September 09, 2015

Introducing the new and improved Top Notch Troll!!!  While maintaing the unique concept of 360 degree trolling motor control, we have simplified the design using a one piece stainless steel frame.  Eliminating the bolt-on steering disk makes the product more durable for years of reliable service.



California Anglers win SWBA Tournament using Top Notch Troll

Posted by Benny Yander on February 22, 2012


Congradulations to Team Hammer Pro Anglers Keith Michael and Capt. Benny Florentino


"We won the 2012 SWBA Cabin Fever Reliever in Newport Beach, CA. It was a spotted bay bass only tournament with approximately 70 teams (2 people) competing. We had a 5 fish limit that weighed in at 9.66 lbs and second biggest fish at 2.34 lbs. The second place team weighed in 8.18 lbs. We caught all of our fish on crankbaits fished along docks and mooring cans. The Top Notch troll works awesome in this tight quarters type of fishing and allows me to concentrate more on my casting than worrying about the trolling motor. I really feel like the Top Notch Troll translates into more casts on a tournament day and less fatigue for the angler".




Top Notch Troll fits Motor Guide Varimax with 1-1/4 inch shafts

Posted by Benny Yander on May 06, 2011

Top Notch Troll now stocks the shaft adaptors for the Motor Guide Varimax Motors.  In keeping with our commitment of providing the best trolling motor extension handle on the market, we are also committed to modify standard designs to fit new products on the market.

TOP NOTCH TROLL..... On top of the game and you win!!!!! 

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La Sportsmen's Show

Posted by Benny Yander on March 11, 2011

 Visit Captain Dudley Vandeborre of Deadly Dudley Baits and Dockside Bait and Tackle March 11th, 12th, and 13, to get the latest model of Top Notch Troll and visit with the top fishing experts in the area.  Great weather and great entertainment for the whole family.  Get out and enjoy and come by and see us.  For more information visit


Premier Model Released

Posted by Benny Yander on January 05, 2011

Performance and Durability

We have tweaked, prodded, and poked and have finally revealed the most durable design of the Top Notch Troll Trolling Motor Extension Handle accessory. Even though our initial design was sufficient, we found that back-welded, pressed-in studs as opposed to bolts, provided superior handle strength.   Our goal is to give our anglers quality unsurpassed by any trolling motor extension handle on the market. 

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Top Notch Troll Users

Posted by Benny Yander on December 29, 2010

Here are a couple of images that feature the Top Notch Troll.  

We collected them over the past couple of years. 

Red Fish Caught with Top Notch Troll

Top Notch Troll Installed 1